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"Art is anything you can get away with".

Raised in the south of Poland to Polish and Nigerian parents.
Upon receiving her high school education, she moved to London to complete a degree in Art and Design at Camberwell Collage of Art. Initially intending to study fine art, she began to experiment with photography during her first year. Under the influence of London's most bohemian of art colleges and the encouragement of her teachers, she decided to take photography as her BA degree at London College of Fashion.

Gina’s first solo art show took place in her adopted city of Warsaw in 2010 just a year after her graduation. The success of "Collage", small collection of fashion inspired collages, led to an appearance at one of Poland's most respected art auctions at Polswiss House as well as numerous press interviews.

In 2011, after finishing her second series “Ironic", which was a manipulation of portraits and collages combined to illustrate significant moments in the life of her closest friends, Gina exhibited in NYC at the Kosciuszko Foundation and then in Philadelphia at PII Gallery.

Gina currently lives in NYC.